Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22/11 Homework

Yesterday was FRIDAY. Yay :) I got to do nothing yesterday, I was so happy! Today I had some chores, and I'm doing my homework. (English, ec & reg), Biology (vocab & worksheet), goemetry(work out of book) and I think I  have some german too... maybe not.. but oh well.

I'm in a  good mood today.. I took some pictures and I have the most adorable little heart traced out of eyeliner next to my eye too.. I love it! I used one of the pictures I took for my facebook profile picture, and the others I put on my photobucket so I could edit and mess around with them :)

Tomorrow is my mommy's birthdayy! I don't know what I'm doing for her yet (other than taking care of my brothers' stomachs to shut them up and not complaining about chores) so I'll have to ask my grandma is she has any ideas.

I also thought about dying my natural brown but dyed red hair to a dirty blonde, then dying the tips a bright blue.. wouldn't that be cool? My mom also might let me get blue contacts!!! If I do, I'll be soo happy I've wanted that forever!

Okay I'm too excited. I should go finish my homework now.. :)


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