Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29/12 Friday!

It has been a few months since a post but that is okay, I've been busy! I'm a Junior now, and I'm so excited. June is ALMOST OVER! it's crazy! 4th of July soon, and I'm going to the Mud Hens games on the 4th because my mom has the day off work so as a family we're going to see the game and the fireworks at the stadium. The neighborhood fireworks are this Saturday so I'll see those too!
My brother got a PS3 a couple days ago. (About a week) and he loves it. Eh, nothing too exciting. Other than the fact that it can play DVDs and stuff like that anyway.. because the newer version doesn't play most PS2 games! FML! The only video game I actually LIKE is Kingdom Hearts 1+2.. and now I can't play them. Grawr! I'm keeping those games though so that if I can ever get my own tv I'll kidnap the ps2 & the games.
I've been into writing! I just watched the Legend Of Korra (the whole season!) and now that it is over I am writing fanfics and regular stories too. (The avatar fanfic is going quickly because I love that world :D)
So much to do.. and I went to come on here and post when I realized I couldn't remember what email or password I used! Blah, it's been a while for sure.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

2/5/12 Sunday Night

Hello :)
I went to see "The Woman in Black" yesterday night, and sadly it was the first time I've been out in public after 6pm with friends on a Saturday night. It was epic, the movie was amazing.
I had the most amazing week last week, so I can't wait to see how this week lives up to it. Today was okay, a normal Sunday. Well, some good super bowl food, but other than that normal. I uploaded some pictures to Facebook, that kind of thing.
I swear my homework is done, but I'm not sure if my teacher told me to finish the history worksheet and it makes me nervous.. can't do anything about it I guess. I didn't have room in my bag to bring the book home with me anyway. I tried Google, but no such luck.
For once, I'm excited for Monday. Maybe I'll remember to post tomorrow? Hopefully, unless I have a ton of homework. I know I'll have at least 3 classes worth of homework, possibly 1-2 more. -sigh-

Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12 Geometry

So for a Monday, today was pretty great. Average I guess, but not hard in any way or stressful. Until I got home and found out my English homework wasn't what it was said to be, thank god for friends to call when you don't know what to do. With help, I figured it out then I finished it. All is well, onto Biology. Open book test, not much studying needed to be done because I already read the chapter, and there is no need to memorize. It's open book, onto Geometry. Great, I have no clue what I am doing. So it's like mud-brain phase again. You know how when you don't know how to do something very well but you try anyway and it's like walking through mud, only it's your brain and whatever task your brain is doing? Yeah, like that. Onto German, no clue what she wants me to do. Thank god nobody else does either, or I'd feel SO stupid. Not cool, I just really don't like my teacher. *cough*
As for everything else I'm fairly happy, nothing to complain about, nothing to gush about. Average. I really hate that word, I should do something about it. I have a plan, but I don't want to put it into action because if it doesn't work or fails or... you know just overall isn't a good plan anyway then I could be utterly screwed over and then my life would go from average to SUCKY. That is all I can say, the best word for it. Great.
Time for more mud brain time, tootles.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19/12 Thursday

No homework, first semester exams over, 3 day weekend. Life is good! I'm going to dye my hair again soon... the brown from last time went away leaving the red from before that.. so I have roots due to my natural brown hair.. anyway..
Downloading pictures! I'm rotating and adjusting exposure to alot of my pics for fb, and downloading other random things like hourglasses and eyeglasses and pets to my sophomore album!
Went shopping today.. kinda fun I guess
Not much today, sad that I remember to post on days like this right?

Monday, January 16, 2012

1-16-12 New Year!

Well it's been a while! Since November? I think so.. sorry about that.
I've been really busy, with the holidays and homework and the semester is going to end this week after exams. I have today off, it's Mr Luther King Jr. Day, and I honestly don't care that much but it's another day I can study anyway. I need to shed 10 lbs this year, so I'm working on it. Should I post a picture on here when I get there? I might, I might not. I'm excited to start Gym and Health this semester, since that means no  more Personal Finance but it also means no more art this year, so sad!
I'm looking for a job, and scholarships, right now. Seems early, since I don't turn 16 till the end of march, but it takes time to find a good job!
Guess that's all, even after all this time off of here I don't have much to say because there isn't much going on.
Much love!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-16-11 Homework

The other day was 11-11-11.. yay! Sorry guys I'm lame. :P

So today I have A TON of homework. I have 68 english vocab words some history worksheet work to finish (well the other worksheet since we have a new one than we started in class) and then I have to study for biology (I have a test tomorrow) and geometry (todays and yesterdays because I was on my field trip and didn't get the homework) and thank god I don't have german. :P

So it'll take a while. But the field trip! We won most creative for our video on the student watershed watch and all the schools went to the University of Toledo and presented the video, ate pizza, drank pop, hung out, woot!

Well that's about it! I should go finish my homework..


Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-10-11 Homework

Got some Geometry and English tonight guys.. I got my report card back though!

English 2 Honors: B+
American Studies Honors: A
Design 1: A-
Biology Honors: B
Personal Finance: A+
Geometry Honors: B
German 2: A

My final GPA was 4.2!! I was so excited.. and happy! I'm SO working hard this 1/4 so I might end up with A's in English and Geometry as well, I don't know about Biology though because it's pretty hard.
I'm still happy. But my brothers didn't like theirs.. well one. Cayden did good, (1st grade) but Brady failed 2 classes and got a D in another. :O (8th grade) So STRESS HEAP on my mom and grandma. and well him as well.