Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-10-11 Homework

Got some Geometry and English tonight guys.. I got my report card back though!

English 2 Honors: B+
American Studies Honors: A
Design 1: A-
Biology Honors: B
Personal Finance: A+
Geometry Honors: B
German 2: A

My final GPA was 4.2!! I was so excited.. and happy! I'm SO working hard this 1/4 so I might end up with A's in English and Geometry as well, I don't know about Biology though because it's pretty hard.
I'm still happy. But my brothers didn't like theirs.. well one. Cayden did good, (1st grade) but Brady failed 2 classes and got a D in another. :O (8th grade) So STRESS HEAP on my mom and grandma. and well him as well.


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