Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-16-11 Homework

The other day was 11-11-11.. yay! Sorry guys I'm lame. :P

So today I have A TON of homework. I have 68 english vocab words some history worksheet work to finish (well the other worksheet since we have a new one than we started in class) and then I have to study for biology (I have a test tomorrow) and geometry (todays and yesterdays because I was on my field trip and didn't get the homework) and thank god I don't have german. :P

So it'll take a while. But the field trip! We won most creative for our video on the student watershed watch and all the schools went to the University of Toledo and presented the video, ate pizza, drank pop, hung out, woot!

Well that's about it! I should go finish my homework..


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