Monday, January 16, 2012

1-16-12 New Year!

Well it's been a while! Since November? I think so.. sorry about that.
I've been really busy, with the holidays and homework and the semester is going to end this week after exams. I have today off, it's Mr Luther King Jr. Day, and I honestly don't care that much but it's another day I can study anyway. I need to shed 10 lbs this year, so I'm working on it. Should I post a picture on here when I get there? I might, I might not. I'm excited to start Gym and Health this semester, since that means no  more Personal Finance but it also means no more art this year, so sad!
I'm looking for a job, and scholarships, right now. Seems early, since I don't turn 16 till the end of march, but it takes time to find a good job!
Guess that's all, even after all this time off of here I don't have much to say because there isn't much going on.
Much love!

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