Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29/12 Friday!

It has been a few months since a post but that is okay, I've been busy! I'm a Junior now, and I'm so excited. June is ALMOST OVER! it's crazy! 4th of July soon, and I'm going to the Mud Hens games on the 4th because my mom has the day off work so as a family we're going to see the game and the fireworks at the stadium. The neighborhood fireworks are this Saturday so I'll see those too!
My brother got a PS3 a couple days ago. (About a week) and he loves it. Eh, nothing too exciting. Other than the fact that it can play DVDs and stuff like that anyway.. because the newer version doesn't play most PS2 games! FML! The only video game I actually LIKE is Kingdom Hearts 1+2.. and now I can't play them. Grawr! I'm keeping those games though so that if I can ever get my own tv I'll kidnap the ps2 & the games.
I've been into writing! I just watched the Legend Of Korra (the whole season!) and now that it is over I am writing fanfics and regular stories too. (The avatar fanfic is going quickly because I love that world :D)
So much to do.. and I went to come on here and post when I realized I couldn't remember what email or password I used! Blah, it's been a while for sure.


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