Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12 Geometry

So for a Monday, today was pretty great. Average I guess, but not hard in any way or stressful. Until I got home and found out my English homework wasn't what it was said to be, thank god for friends to call when you don't know what to do. With help, I figured it out then I finished it. All is well, onto Biology. Open book test, not much studying needed to be done because I already read the chapter, and there is no need to memorize. It's open book, onto Geometry. Great, I have no clue what I am doing. So it's like mud-brain phase again. You know how when you don't know how to do something very well but you try anyway and it's like walking through mud, only it's your brain and whatever task your brain is doing? Yeah, like that. Onto German, no clue what she wants me to do. Thank god nobody else does either, or I'd feel SO stupid. Not cool, I just really don't like my teacher. *cough*
As for everything else I'm fairly happy, nothing to complain about, nothing to gush about. Average. I really hate that word, I should do something about it. I have a plan, but I don't want to put it into action because if it doesn't work or fails or... you know just overall isn't a good plan anyway then I could be utterly screwed over and then my life would go from average to SUCKY. That is all I can say, the best word for it. Great.
Time for more mud brain time, tootles.

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