Monday, September 19, 2011

9/19/11 First post!

So this is my first blog post! Well not ever but still.. on here. :) So today I have alot of homework. I have about 20 vocab words to use for sentences, due tomorrow. 4 pages of reading, 3 questions on the reading. This is for english, obviously. I have a chapter of reading for history that I finished during my free time during art today (thank god) and a packet for geometry.

It's all easy homework, really, it just takes a while to finish, and it gets irritating. Besides the fact that it's really killing my back to carry home 50lbs of schoolwork. (My books are heavy, mind you) I already have to carry 10+lbs around for 4 hours (including lunch and my first 4 classes) so I'm not happy with the whole thing. My english teacher, man can she talk. She never. Shuts. Up.

And then I have my beloved friends who I can count on to either remember the homework, help out when I forget something, and stuff like that, and in return I help them with the same kind of thing.

So it's been a good day, no drama, notice. I've had drama, really, just not recently!


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