Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9/20/11 More homework!

Hi! So today is a beauitful TUESDAY and I have easy homework today! Yay! I have some biology vocab (due tomorrow), a german worksheet (so easy it made me cry, my teacher is a nutball), and some stuff for english. Short story, questions, the usual.

On the other hand, I have an essay due monday! Not so yay, but it's just about a video we just watched in class. The hardest part? Making it at least two pages long without rambling. Blahh.

I also have some quiz thing due on monday for American Studies.. but it doesn't seem hard because she gave us packets with all the info AND we get to work in groups of 3! Four for me because there was an extra person and it was just easier to have a group of four than two groups of two.. and stuff..

Also, tonight GLEE comes back to us! It's kinda sad, but I'm a total Gleek. Glee is just musical, over dramatic high schoolers, yes, but I love it anyway. And on Friday, Ghost Adventures comes back to us! YES. So excited for that, BUT I might not be able to watch it.. whaa. I might spend the night at a friend's house after the school football game on friday.. maybe.. so maybe I'll watch it there? I don't know.

Speaking of my friends, I have a few minutes before I have to go back to my homework and I haven't said much of anything about my girls! So, first of all, you have my besties. Crysta (My very best friend from 1st grade), who is my dear sister and we'll most likely always be friends. Then Brittany (A crazy lady!) who is also a bestie, but I met her at my high school after many years of homeschooling, and I'm very sad that she is moved away and doesn't go there anymore, but we keep in touch. Then you have my insane triplets, Rylee and Emily. We look alike, and they talk and act alike, but they're trying to corrupt me. :O

Rylee is the friend I might sleepover with and watch movies with on friday after the game. Emily might come to the game, and maybe have a movie night with us, FUN!! :D

So then I have my friends, just good friends or friends. Samantha (my german class buddy), Gloria (History & Lunch buddy), Alex (lunch buddy), James (idiot sorta-friend classmate) Jon (needs no other words xD), Sean (Jon's brother and a classmate), Chelsey (classmate and friend), MYLES (MORON *cough* friend and very outgoing friend at that), Jacob (kinda crazy but a nice guy, friend), Thomas (Jacob's best friend, my classmate), etc. I could go on and on, but that would bore you!

Honestly I don't have any enemies.. I have someone jealous of me and calls me a dog but we don't really... fight I guess. Lol. She thinks I'm a stalkerrr (and even if I am a little, doesn't mean she isn't ;) haha) But she's too b-word-y to have her name on this blog!

So, before I kill anybody reading, I'm going back to homework.


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