Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/25/11 Shopping for Homecoming!

Hi! It's been a few days since I posted.. because I've been busy. Like, really busy. A buttload (teehee) of homework, and my grandma's birthday, a sleepover with meh girls, you know, the usual. Well, not really, but my point is made.

It was fun hanging with my sisters, Rylee's cousin thought we were high and wanted to know where the stash was.. so she could have some. xD She's 12, by the way. :O

Emily wasn't going to be able to come.. but at the last minute.. we found out she could because her other plans were canceled! Sorry plans, but here comes sister #3, and it was the bestt! By the way, she made sure she had supernatural with her when she came, so we drooled until we fell asleep and then failed to scare each other when we woke up, lol.

So tomorrow I have to do ALL my chores, because today I got home late (shopping and family time) and was tired, so I pushed back my chores. No complaining from me though, because the shopping was for my homecoming stuff. My dress is a little short for my mom & gram's taste, but it's high collared (and like around the neck clipped in the back) with straps off to the side but almost backless, silky silver dress with silver sparkling sequins! It was a perfect fit by the way, like a glove! Soo we proceeded to go around to some more good wills and then the mall. Old Navy first, for my brothers polos that he wanted (we didn't find any) and then payless, were I found silver heels (strappy and cute :D) and then to kohls, were we looked for a bra that was backless and strapless due to my nearly backless dress and halter top.

Sooo we found some but they were freakin 30 bucks! No way is it worth it, so we went to target and found some for 7 bucks and my brother's polos because they didn't have any at Old Navy in his size & color. Fastforward to my grandma's house, were we met up with my mom, step dad, brothers and papa, then went out to eat for my gram's b-day and then came home for pie. (OREO PIE!) and then we all went back to our normals, for me that means going home.

I put my dress and shoes and bra thingy away for homecoming, but I need silvery or nude colored tights that aren't like mega-pricey, but no luck so far. I also decided that there is a 90% chance that I'm wearing my hair half up half down and curly for homecoming, but hey I might change my mind. (I only said 90%!)

Umm so that's what's been going on! I don't have ANYY homework because my history is due partly monday (done) and wednesday (visual letter or diary entry or other). My geometry was done IN CLASS so I'm all good and because of my early essay typing I don't have english either. yay!

I'm going now, for now, tootles


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