Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9/28/11 Homework

So hello there :)

And I have to say, my teachers did it again. I have alot of homework. Not really hard, just alot. Yesterday was alot of busywork, reading and review kind of thing. Today, I have reading, and lots of thinky questions for english, a sheet for my mom to sign for art (in which by the way I have a 97%,.. an outstanding on my midterm :D) and then some geometry. The art, was the easiest because it's not really work. But work wise, my geometry was easy this time. I've been getting it as of late, the triangles killed me but this stuff is okay.

So yesterday we had a sub for german. <3 I really don't like my german teacher if you can't tell, but I guess I'll deal. I wonder what my grade is.. hmm.. I also wonder what she'll tell my mom.. if I'm a good student or bad.. soo confused.

Then there is my brothers. Such idiots. Had to say that, they're giving me a headache again.

Also, I've been going on alot because it's one of those college sites. So far like 20 colleges have messaged me. Mostly public, but some private. Like Notre Dame! Ohio State! Florida State! And so on! I'm so happy, they're all really great colleges. Some of them I knew about but some in New York and other further places I didn't so it's interesting as well. Some have virtual tours, some have videos, maps, scholarship information, etc.

So.. Homecoming is getting closer! I wanted to work out every day until homecoming, (excluding Sunday because Curves is closed then) but then I injured myself/pulled a muscle in the middle of my chest and it hurts really bad so I'm not working out today. :( But also it's raining and I don't want to walk down there since my gram isn't going today either. Perfect timing rain, another excuse for me not to go. At least I went yesterday so I'm not like getting flabby in a day. If I hadn't, I'd be flabby by tomorrow!

 That's all for now, because I need to finish my homework so I can watch Paranormal Witness before it's over and my homework is in the way because my brother is a trucking bassmole. :)


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