Friday, September 30, 2011

9/30/11 Last day of September

Okay, having a better day. I think I might have passed my Biology test this time around (anything under a C she is letting us redo.. PHEW) and the rest of my classes were okay. I had subs in 5th hour (Personal Finance) and 6th hour (Geomtery) so that was a break. German was SO FUNNY today in spite of the nasty teacher.. I love my friends :)

I have SOME homework but not much so I'm not doing all of it today, just some of the german. But also, I have some english and a word find for personal finance, easy but takes alot of time.

Also one more thing before I got, today I'm 15 & 1/2. Sooo when I want to (and I don't yet) and my mom says I can (& I think she did.. it was sorta confusing) I could start learning to drive.. so scary.. also I'm gonna be 16 in 6 months.. ahh :)


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